Strange Vine at AT&T Park

svgiants 08-30-2014_11

Fresno’s Strange Vine was asked to play a three song set at AT&T Park before the Giants game. Thanks to the boys for inviting me to capture this awesome moment for them.

svgiants 08-30-2014_01

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PVI Fellows Gathering


This past weekend I was asked to document a gathering organized by the Pan Valley Institute at Wonder Valley Ranch. The gathering was for the recipients of the Tamejavi Cultural Organizing Fellowship Program (TCOFP), a program designed to strengthen the cultural organizing skills of Central Valley’s emerging cultural leaders from underserve communities. This is the second round of fellows and a very exciting group of people. The backgrounds are every diverse and hopefully this time I’ll be able to document their journey more then last time. Documenting meetings such as these can be a little tough because it is mostly people sitting around in a conference environment so I try to make the best of it, but thankfully PVI’s meetings a lot more dynamic thanks their public education philosophy and the time they give for people to share their culture.

The Wonder Valley Ranch is a beautiful retreat up in the mountains and luckily I was able to take my girl.














Photo Dump #2: Cinco de Mayo


Originally this post was suppose to go up on Cinco de Mayo but it slipped my mine and now I’m posting on Siete de Mayo. Not exactly the same. In 2010 I went to Mexico to attend my Uncle’s 70th birthday and hours before boarding the plane I realized that my Mexican visa had expired…on that very same day! I boarded the plane thinking I could renew the passport in Mexico, which didn’t happen and I ended up staying much longer then expected.

My trip back was another adventure but at least I was able to be in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo and my cousin took me to the Battle of Puebla reenactment. This was not like the Civil War reenactment, it was much more festive and exciting. As I recalled everyone marched on closed off streets, even passing the airport and it ended with a reenactment that included a canon blowing our ear drums. Many of the neighborhoods were having their own parties and everyone would invite to stay and drink.

Not sure why I never did anything with the photos, but here they are.


_DSC0105_mayo5DF_2 (more…)

Ana Tijoux, Kumbia Queers & Como Asesinar a Felipes at The Independent

Pahoua at Warnors Theatre


Had a fun shoot with Pahoua at the historic Warnors Theatre in Fresno, CA. Special thanks to Claire Laval for giving me access to this beautiful place and Sam Canales for tagging along and encouraging Pahoua while I was trying to figure out the flash settings. Still need to work on directing my subjects.


600_1282_pahouawarnors_7 (more…)

Photo Dump #1


Been in the process of updating my portfolio, which meant searching through the archives of my photos. I found a lot of images that wouldn’t exactly fit in the final presentation but I still wanted to share. These are totally random photos, some dating back to almost seven years. They were taken in Miami, Fresno, Madera, Charlottesville, Big Sur and San Francisco. The above image from Miami was eventually used by the Miami International Film Festival for some of their promotional material.

I plan on keeping this series going for a while.



_DSC0037-Edit-Edit-Edit_photodumb_4 (more…)

Alisa & Bekah


Photoshoot with true BFFs Alisa Manjarrez and Bekah Eropkin at Woodward Park, Fresno.


600_1064_alisa_6_lowres (more…)

Strange Vine In Studio


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting Strange Vine while they were recording their new album at Bird & Egg Studios. The boys were doing something new with this song, Ian playing full on drums and Toby playing the rhodes. Always loved seeing artist at work and seeing what few people get the attention to see, mostly the hard work and time that goes into just recording one song.



Photograph Those You Love


Portraits of my mom and dad. Sometimes you got to take the time and photograph those that are close to you, those that you love.



Plane Crash at Los Gatos(Deportee) – Video

After months of planning, delays and filming I’m glad to finally release this video to the world. (more…)